Will you help us fight for the hearts of men and women who have fought for us?

In the last year we have helped heal the hearts of close to 5,000 active military service personnel, veterans and their families. Our military leadership is increasingly improving counseling services for our active and retired armed forces and their families.  However, they continue to rely upon nonprofit ministries like ours for specialties in Christian counseling, healthy relationships and marriage and family services.
We never turn away an active service personnel member, veteran or family member due to financial issues.
Sam returned home from his third tour to find the doors to his home locked and no one home.  The note he read at the door stated that the marriage was over and that he could pick up his belongings at the home of a friend.   After a weekend of trying to figure it all out with friends and a distant family member, he visited with his Pastor who referred him to us.  We spent the next six weeks helping him put together a plan to move forward for the sake of his children.
Because of donations from individuals, businesses and churches, we are able to provide expertise in relationships to veterans, service men and women and their families.

Your help is needed NOW!

  1. Pray for victims and our team of counselors who work to heal their hurting hearts every day.  Let us know by emailing events@shieldbearer.org.
  2. Commit to learning how to get involved as a volunteer.  We need advocates to share with churches, civic groups and community organizations what God is doing through us with this population.  Learn more at one of our monthly breakfasts or email us at events@shieldbearer.org.
  3. Let us know by emailing events@shieldbearer.org if you would like a presentation at one of your professional, civic or church groups about what God is doing through us in this effort.
  4. Invest in the effective trauma treatment that moves victims to survivors.
  • Make a one time donation of $200 to cover the monthly counseling expenses of one victim.
  • Set up a monthly donation of $50 to know you are paying for a session every month.
  • Talk to your professional, civic or church group about a fund drive to help heal hurting hearts.

Click the Donate Now button or send a donation by mail to:

Shield Bearer Counseling Centers
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Thank you for being in the “Fight for Hearts” with us!