Couples Workshops and Retreats

Shield Bearer champions healthy relationships in secular community based programs improving family relationships. As the most important link in the family, Shield Bearer provides marital and premarital seminars, workshops and retreats in an effort to strengthen the family. Relationships can be difficult and when unattended and uncared for can become unhealthy.

Shield Bearer encourages couples to spend to time together working on their relationship and investing in their future together. Shield Bearer has helped thousands of couples through over 100 couples workshops, retreats and weekends. We partner with churches, civic groups, retreat centers and destinations to give couples the space and attention they need to reconnect, rekindle and recommit.


Parenting can be tough. Relationships between parents and children can become strained and unhealthy leading to difficulties at school, home and in the community. Shield Bearer provides parenting classes, workshops and seminars to strengthen relationships between parents and children. Many of the workshops seem like family memory making events. Education happens as we create an environment where parents and children experience positive interaction while learning new communication skills.

Relationships 101

Relationships can be difficult at any age. Many “adult” problems are now found in our high schools and junior highs. Relationships 101 teaches gender specific groups over eight to thirteen sessions how to think long term regarding their future and hopes and dreams. We help them discover their values and set behavioral boundaries which will help them reach their goals in line with their values. Youth are encouraged to make decisions regarding dating before they “happen into them”. Reinforcing the success sequence of educational accomplishment, vocational certification or degree and marriage before beginning parenting is a key to solving the epidemic problem facing our communities today..