Shield Bearer serves as a ministry resource for the churches and other ministires.  Churches and community ministries partner with Shield Bearer to impact the lives of their members and their surrounding community. Shield Bearer provides consulting, training and redemptive resources for ministers and lay leaders so that they can better serve their community of faith.

Shield-Bearer’s board, staff and volunteers do what they do in service of their Christian Faith. Not all services are always delivered faith-based, but all services are delivered by people of faith. Shield Bearer believes that a holistic approach to individuals, couples and families is vital to living life abundantly. But faith development must move at the pace of the person being served.  All of Shield Bearer’s programs and services are also available in churches and on Christian campuses.

Life Together Forever

Shield Bearer champions healthy relationships in churches, retreat centers and on college campuses.  A deep connection with God and a covenant commitment to each other is the most important foundation for a lifelong love.  As the most important link in the family, Shield Bearer provides Christian marital and premarital seminars, workshops and retreats in an effort to strengthen the family.

Relationships can be difficult and when unattended and uncared for can become unhealthy.   Shield Bearer encourages couples to spend to time together working on their relationship and investing in their future together.  Shield Bearer has helped thousands of couples through over 100 couples workshops, retreats and weekends.   We partner with churches and other ministries to give couples the space and attention they need to reconnect, rekindle and recommit.

Life Together Forever is authored and presented by Roy and Devra Wooten with over 25 years of marriage.  Their fun and meaningful presentation style provides couples a chance to change their relationship during the weekend event.   For more information, contact 281-894-7222.

The Christian Family Conference

Parenting can be tough. Relationships between parents and children can become strained and unhealthy leading to difficulties at school, home and in the community. Shield Bearer’s broad team of Christian counselors are perfect resources for the Christian Family Conference at your church or school.

Keynotes bookend the several workshops presented concurrently and repeated at least once so that everyone can attend all of the workshops they want to attend.  Topics include, but are not limited to, Raising Your Children Without Raising Your Voice, How to Have Hard Conversations, The Challenges of Raising Teens, Blended Families That Work, Stuck in the Middle Between Aging Parents and Children, The Single Parent Super Hero, and others.   Many of the workshops seem like family memory making events.  Education happens as we create an environment where parents and children experience positive interaction while learning new skills.  For more information, contact 281-894-7222.

Christian Relationships 101 (for teens)

Relationships can be difficult at any age.  Many “adult” problems are now found in our high schools and junior highs.  Relationships 101 teaches gender specific groups over eight to thirteen sessions how to think long term regarding their future and hopes and dreams.  Goals and values are compared to Christ’s teachings.  We help them discover their values and set behavioral boundaries which will help them reach their goals in line with their values.

Youth are encouraged to make decisions regarding dating before they “happen into them”.   Reinforcing the success sequence of educational accomplishment, vocational certification or degree and marriage before beginning parenting is a key to solving the epidemic problem facing our communities today.  For more information contact 281-894-7222 or

Father Daughter Conference

Shield-Bearer believes that what a girl believes about herself and her value is significantly impacted by her relationship with her father or father figure.  During the Father Daughter Conference, teen and young adult girls and their fathers are paired for activities together and apart from each other. This interactive event is powerful to reconnect fathers and daughters and change the trajectory of young ladies lives.  For more information, contact 281-894-7222.

Men’s Seminars, Conferences and Retreats

Shield-Bearer believes that to empower families, we need to find, encourage and support men.  Through workshops, retreats and conferences, we help men become all that God has called them to be.   We encourage speaking truth to one another and living in community with other authentic Christian men.   For more information, contact 281-894-7222.