Shield Bearer offers multiple support groups and classes each week.  For dates, times, locations, and to register, contact us at (281) 894-7222.

H.O.P.E.: Support for the Parents of Autism Spectrum
Have Only Positive Expectations (H.O.P.E.) will provide psychoeducation, resources, support and encouragement to the parents of those on the autism spectrum. This support group meets once a week. Child care is not provided. Cost: $5 per session or $15 per month

Breaking FREE: An Addiction Recovery Series
ind the courage to change and grow. Reveal answers to questions about being stuck and out of control. Explore the drama of family and the circle of love. Enjoy the freedom to be who God made you to be.  This eight week series is a court and CPS approved research based addictions class. Cost: $25 per class or $150 upfront. *

Live, Love, and Parent
Parenting is very rewarding, but at times it can be quite challenging. Learn strategies to enhance your relationship with your child(ren). Gain knowledge about how to recognize breakdowns in communication and improve communication skills. Become skilled at maintaining healthy boundaries, problem solving, and using positive techniques for managing negative behavior. Discover effective methods for improving your child’s self-esteem and building confidence. This eight week parenting class is a court and CPS approved research based parenting class. Cost: $25 per family per class or $150 upfront* **

Anger Management
Anger is a normal human emotion felt by everyone. It frequently is a surface emotion with feelings of frustration, hurt, danger, and disappointment underneath. Learn coping and problem solving skills. Discover how to stop the trigger thoughts of anger from becoming explosive. Uncover how what you tell yourself may be increasing anger and what you can do to change how you talk to yourself about it. Recognize the warning signs and red flags. Discover new ways of using positive communication to build healthier relationships. This eight week class is a court and employer approved researched based anger management class.  Cost: $25 per class or $150 upfront * **

Depression and Bipolar Support Group
Reach out and make connections with others diagnosed with Depression or Bipolar Disorders. Family and friends are also invited to participate.  Experience a safe environment with supportive, understanding, and compassionate peers. Build coping skills and learn effective problem solving techniques. Feel empowered to take a more active role in your treatment. This group is for adults over 18 years old. No cost

Positive Life Practices for Teens                               
It’s not easy to be a teenager in today’s society and many adolescents turn to severe measures in order to deal with their distress. Positive Life Practices is a support group for teens ages 13-19 that choose self-harm as a coping mechanism for the stressors they experience. Topics covered in the group include: mindfulness, improving self-image, taking control of emotions, and distress tolerance. Participants will learn long term coping skills that offer alternative solutions to self injury.  This support group should be used in conjunction with individual therapy. Cost: $25 per session*

* Sliding Scale available  **Certificate Upon Completion