There are few, if any, more important decisions a person can make in their life than who they will spend the rest of their life with. Yet most people spend more time and financial resources investing in a great wedding than they do in the marriage. Research is clear: premarital education and counseling significantly reduces the chances for divorce. In fact, one recent study provided by the U.S. Army reported divorce rates decreased by as much as 300% with an investment of at least 8 hours of premarital preparation.

As an organization that values healthy relationships, we believe we can help you decide if premarital counseling may be helpful to you and your partner.

Shield Bearer has a strong track record helping hundreds of couples prepare for a lifelong marriage. Shield Bearer offers highly trained and educated counselors who can provide the kind of confidentiality and specialized plan that can help get people started in the right direction.

Making the Call for a Phone Assessment

Trained professionals are available by phone during office hours to provide information that will help you decide what is best for you. Please call 281-894-7222 for a phone assessment. During the call you will have an opportunity to ask questions as well as provide specific information about your situation.

Shield Bearer Counseling Centers is a nonprofit charitable organization and we will attempt to find a way to work within your budget. During your first session you and your counselor will decide how frequently to meet, but generally sessions are one time per week. Some issues may be resolved in one session while others may take several sessions.

If you are in a dangerous situation or are not sure about your safety, call 911 to go to the nearest emergency room.

Options for Couples

During the call we will assess what service type might best fit your needs at this time. We offer a variety of relationship assistance based upon your needs as a couple.

Couples Relationship Workshops and Weekends

Shield Bearer is a leader in the movement for healthy relationships. We offer a couple of relationship workshops or weekends a month. The cost of the workshops and weekends vary depending on any partnering organizations, schools or churches. During workshops or weekends, couples will have the opportunity to invest in their relationship to rekindle, reconnect and recommit.

If you find that communication seems to be the problem and you frequently argue over chores, money, sex, parenting, in-laws, boundaries with friends, etc. then a weekend workshop will likely be helpful to your relationship. Topics usually include:

  • Speaking and Hearing Truth
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Healthy Expectations Love, Romance and Sex
  • Relationship Counseling

Shield Bearer has several counselors with specialized training in relationship counseling. Based upon your initial assessment with your counselor, you may be asked to meet for longer two hour sessions, requested to meet each in individual sessions with the same counselor or with separate counselors, or may receive more traditional couples counseling with one 45-50 minute session per week. Your unique relational situation will determine the preference for success. Contact 281-894-7222 for a phone assessment.

Relationship Intensive

Traditional couples counseling and relationship workshops have a limited success rate with relationships that are significantly damaged. Shield Bearer has experienced a greater rate of success working with couples who have lost hope and are making their “last effort” to reconcile and restore their relationship.

Before leaving children and moving out of the home, consider investing in a marriage intensive. Might it be worth the risk to attempt to work through the issues through a more nontraditional approach?

Many couples who have experienced affairs, financial distrust and other deep wounds have been able to have success with our Relationship Intensive. Frequently couples who have not been able to resolve their issues with traditional counseling models have found hope in the Relationship Intensive process.

Our Relationship Intensive consists of a full day with one couple and a counselor or two. There are no other couples in the room. The day is devoted to helping each partner get to the core of the issue, working through the issue thoroughly and moving forward in a way neither thought might ever be possible.

The cost of $750 is much less than its seventeen session equivalency and much much less than the emotional, social and financial costs of a nasty break up. Occasionally an additional two hour session is required in follow up to the Relationship Intensive with additional fees. If you are interested in a Relationship Intensive, share your desire during your phone assessment, at 281-894-7222.