Shield Bearer believes that great family services are best delivered where the children are, in a school based setting.  School based services focus on strengthen child outcomes by arming them with skills needed to achieve their full potential and by encouraging parent child interaction. Shield Bearer serves preschools, head starts, elementary, middle and high school students during the regular school day.

Lindsay’s Light Dating Violence Prevention Program

Over 25,000 high school students have successfully completed the Dating Violence Prevention program. One in three adolescents have experienced dating violence and over half of all high school students have witnessed dating violence or know someone who has been a victim of dating violence.  Shield Bearer equips young women and men with the tools to recognize and seek help for “red flags” that might lead to dating violence situations for themselves or their friends.  For more information, contact 281-894-7222 or

Strong Fathers Strong Families

More than 2700 fathers (father figures) and their children were served through the Strong Fathers Strong Families programs in headstarts, and elementary schools last year. This parent involvement or male engagement program creates interactive and meaningful events that improve academic performance and reduce behavioral acting out in students.

Programs include Bring Your Dad to School Day, Dad and Kid Math, Dad and Kid Science, Dad and Kid Reading and Dad and Kid Success programs.  Shield Bearer is proud to be the provider of this nationally acclaimed program in the Greater Houston area.

Teen Dad Program

With over 200 self-identified high school fathers served, our teen dad program helps fathers understand the role of their father pattern, relationship with their baby’s mother, relationship values and their crucial importance in the success and outcomes of the child they have fathered.  The program consists of eight hours of interactive education.  Our teen dad program gives children a chance to have a supportive and engaged father in their life that improves social, academic and behavioral outcomes.  For more information, contact Pat at 281-894-7222 or