The Unseen Struggle with Anxiety

Anxiety is often like a shadow that follows you discreetly; it’s there, lurking in your thoughts and feelings, sometimes even in your physical sensations. It’s an emotional tempest that can throw your life into disarray, all while remaining invisible to others. At Shield Bearer Counseling Centers, we understand the internal war that you’re fighting and we’re here to help you reclaim your calm and sense of control.

Unmasking Anxiety: The Many Faces It Wears

Anxiety is more than just “feeling stressed.” It’s a complex psychological state that manifests in various forms:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Excessive, uncontrollable worry about a range of topics, from work and relationships to health.

Social Anxiety

It’s not just about the act but the betrayal of trust. This trauma can deeply affect self-worth, intimacy, and personal boundaries.

Panic Disorder

Characterized by panic attacks, sudden episodes of intense fear that trigger severe physical reactions.


Excessive fear of a specific object, situation, or activity.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessions (persistent, unwanted thoughts) and compulsions (repetitive behaviors) that you feel you must carry out.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Anxiety following a traumatic event, leading to flashbacks, nightmares, and constant dread.

The Everyday Battle: Struggles That Signal the Need for Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety is not merely a state of mind; it affects every part of your life. Here are some struggles that may necessitate counseling:

Constant Worry

A perpetual state of worry that disrupts your daily functioning.

Physical Symptoms

Unexplained headaches, stomach issues, or fatigue.

Social Withdrawal

Avoiding social gatherings, work commitments, or even daily chores.


Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, often due to racing thoughts.


Analyzing situations excessively, leading to decision paralysis.

Mood Swings

Unpredictable emotional changes, from irritability to sudden sadness.

The Safe Haven: Shield Bearer’s Approach to Anxiety Counseling

We believe that therapy should be a sanctuary where you can openly express your fears, concerns, and goals. Here’s how we can help:

Our Comprehensive Services For Anxiety

Childhood Trauma - One-on-one counseling in Houston

Personalized Treatment Plans

No two people experience anxiety the same way. We tailor our treatment plans to meet your specific needs.

Group counseling for childhood trauma in Houston Texas

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

This proven method is effective for treating various types of anxiety, helping you understand the thought patterns that fuel your anxiety and learn coping strategies.

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Expert Therapists

Our team consists of highly qualified psychologists, counselors, and therapists who specialize in treating anxiety disorders.

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Full Confidentiality

We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality to create a safe and trustworthy environment.

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