Invest in Yourself, You are worth it!

The first step towards better mental health in our lives and our communities is awareness. Shield Bearer provides versatile opportunities for seminars and workshops to support personal development and community education. Shield Bearer programs focus on key issues facing our communities and can help individuals and groups.

Our courses can be accessed through online presentations or workshops delivered in person.

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Learn the signs for depression, suicide, addiction, and abuse so prevention or healing can take place.

Develop better parenting skills and techniques.

Improve your interpersonal relationships.

Know and create a healthy relationship with your children.

Grow closer with your spouse and improve communication and intimacy.

Prepare adolescents as they embark upon adulthood.

Provide adolescents at risk with tools and resources to navigate challenges.

Opportunities abound for all ages & groups to learn, grow, and transform. Shield Bearer wants to be there to help you achieve optimal mental health and wellness as you grow in confidence, character, and connectedness.