Shield Bearer can equip your team for any challenge your may face.

Your team, whether they are employees, members, or volunteers, bring a wide range of skills, insight, and life experiences to the table. With decades of experience navigating complex mental and emotional experiences, Shield Bearer can help prepare your team for whatever opportunities and challenges lie ahead with a wide range of professional development options.

Shield Bearer provides versatile opportunities for seminars and workshops to support professional development and education for you or your group. Shield Bearer programs focus on key issues facing businesses, organizations, and community groups.

Our courses can be accessed through online presentations or workshops delivered in person.

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Shield Bearer can save your staff from burnout

If you or your team are feeling lethargic, cynical, depressed, or angry, you could be experiencing burnout.  Shield Bearer can help with this complex state of mind caused by prolonged exposure to stress.

School Counselors

Over the last decade, Shield Bearer has worked with hundreds of school counselors. Whether diving deeper into trauma informed care, suicidal ideation, recognizing grooming techniques, and more, Shield Bearer offers a variety of professional development options for school counselors. Many of the programs provide continuing education units. Contact us to learn more.


Educators have an opportunity to spot the warning signs before major issues develop. Shield Bearer can provide educators with methods for reaching out to students who may be developing substance abuse or mental health problems, while deepening their understanding of why early intervention matters. The mental health crisis among children is escalating, educators need the skills to aid students going through mental health challenges or crises.

Corporations, Churches, Congregations, First Responders, Service Providers, and more

Shield Bearer offers a variety of professional development options. Programs can be customized to fit your learning goals, team size, preferred learning style, budget, and more. We have worked with corporations, church leaders, congregations, first responders, customer service providers, and more. With fifteen years of experience navigating complex mental and emotional experiences, Shield Bearer can help your team perform at its very best.

Organizational Psychology

Shield Bearer can help you and your team understand human behavior and how it affects your workplace. Understanding and orienting the structure, climate, culture, social systems, and processes in your organization can improve productivity, performance, employee development, and employee quality of life.

Dealing with a community loss, tragedy, grief, disaster, change

Communities and organizations collectively experience loss including deaths, disasters, and other traumas. Shield Bearer can help in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event or long term as your team experiences grief and adjusts to a new reality. Consider adding Shield Bearer to your emergency plan now so support and healing can begin as soon as possible.

Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence Safe Houses, Shelters

If your organization works with individuals that have experienced human trafficking, domestic violence, or homelessness, Shield Bearer provides professional development courses tailored to the unique needs of your team including self-care, burnout, boundaries, secondary traumatic stress, and many other topics. Shield Bearer understands what your team needs because we have been there ourselves.

Awareness: Depression, suicidal ideation, addiction, abuse

The first step towards better mental health in our lives and our communities is awareness. Learn the signs for depression, suicide, addiction, and abuse so prevention or healing can take place.

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma informed care is caring for clients in a manner that considers any trauma they may have experienced and taking great care not to re-traumatize them. There are several key principles when practicing trauma informed care.  Shield Bearer can help you and your team understand the principles and why they are important.