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Shield Bearer wants every marriage to be a solid and healthy union. Our pre-marital workshop is designed for three or more couples to work with one of our licensed professionals to help each pair prepare for a long and satisfying marriage. So many couples spend more time and money planning their weddings than preparing for their marriages. It is not a surprise to learn that marriages today are in crisis.
Pre-marital education and marriage skills training are necessary for marital stability. Happily married couples live longer and have emotionally stable lives. Children from a sound family environment experience fewer social problems in the future. Our program will help future couples get their marriage off to a great start and motivate them to continue to develop a strong and healthy relationship. Strong marriages positively affect couples’ happiness, physical health, and emotional well-being. A strong marriage is also the foundation of strong families and healthy communities.
(Completion Certificate qualifies couple for $60 off their Texas Marriage License)


Shield Bearer is dedicated to helping couples build and maintain healthy and fulfilling marriages. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, all marriages can use resources and a little help once in a while to enrich their relationship. The marriage enrichment workshop is for three or more couples who will work with our trained and licensed counselors to engage in new and fruitful conversations and pave a path toward an even better relationship with their spouses. Couples can expect their marriage to strengthen as they dive into critical topics every pair should discuss. Great marriages don’t happen by accident; our marriage enrichment workshop led by our trained professionals will help couples build the solid and happy marriage they have always wanted.


A marriage intensive workshop is an intense couples counseling program designed to be completed over three days. This program is for couples experiencing a significant amount of marital distress, contemplating divorce, or having even begun the divorce process. One couple will work with our licensed counselor to get to the root of the issues. Our trained professionals are adept in unique approaches and provide uninterrupted time to help couples make the progress they need to give their marriage the best opportunity for success. While our intensive marriage program is best over three full days, we can tailor it to a one or two-day program with scheduled follow-up counseling sessions. Our intensive program will address communication, infidelity, intimacy, financial strains, blended families, career or children conflicts, etc. If you have found yourself stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict and you cannot find or see a path toward resolution, an intensive could be right for you.
This program is a small investment with the potential of a priceless reward. The financial, emotional, and long-term cost of divorce on couples and their children, extended family, close friends, and social circle can be devastating.

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Fee Structures


Full Day: $250 per couple
(3 couple minimum)
(Call for details)


(One Couple) Options:
3 Full Days (Recommended): $2,250*
No follow-up sessions necessary
(check-up in 3 to 6 months)

2 Full Days: $1,500*
4-6 recommended follow-up counseling sessions

1 Full Day: $750 *
8-12 recommended follow-up counseling sessions

*Competitor Intensive Programs cost:
1 Day: $1250 / 2 Days: $2250 / 3 Days: $3700

Call us at (281) 894-7222 or e-mail for more information.