August 30th, 2022 Shield Bearer | Be Encouraged. Name Your Fears and Conquer Them.

Everywhere you look these days, people are running scared. They are scared about the economy, scared about inflation, scared about their finances, scared about their health, scared about their family, and scared about the future.

Have you felt the fear welling up inside of you as you turn on the news and hear report after report of depressing information?

Our wonderful, caring, and enormously professional Shield-Bearer therapists are helping families, children, parents, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are going through both common and extraordinary circumstances weather their storms.

Our church, small business, and corporate partners are helping Shield-Bearer financially to ensure those in the community who need help get help.

Our monthly givers are sponsoring children, married couples, and families who have nowhere else to turn with their collective generosity.

Fear is the enemy of growth, freedom and joy. Nothing robs us of our peace and takes a toll on our physical and mental health like fear. Fear manifests itself in symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many of our fears go unrecognized because, like other unpleasant emotions, we often repress them. This isn’t the way to be healed; it is only putting them in our own internal pressure cooker until the lid explodes.

There are healthy ways to manage your fears. Ways to master them without succumbing to the darkness they bring into your life. If you are human, you’ve struggled with fear. Standing eyeball to eyeball with our fears and dealing with them directly can be an empowering experience. It provides an opportunity to grow stronger in every way.

I encourage you to take action. Can you name a fear that is blocking you from moving forward, obstructing your progress, or waging a battle in your mind? Don’t be afraid to confront your fears. Don’t ignore them and deny them like many of us tend to do. Shield-Bearer is here to help and support you. If you want to be a monthly giver to sponsor a child, a couple, or another individual here in the community get the help they need please make your commitment here.