March 1st, 2022

“Susan” battled post-traumatic stress for twenty-four years after experiencing multiple traumas as a child. Her physical and emotional health was enormously compromised and in a dangerous place. Her PTSD affected her ability to carve out a career or hold long-term jobs. Due to stress, sleeplessness, and emotionality she had frequent meltdowns, which required her resigning from various positions. PTSD took an enormous toll on her relationships and she didn’t want to be close to anyone. She was often isolated which was incredibly difficult for friends or family to maintain a meaningful connection.

➡️Susan first heard of Shield Bearer through a community event and subsequently was referred through a church when she reached out for counseling. After working with one of our trauma specialists, Susan began to feel more hopeful. Her anxiety lessened and she began to rebuild relationships with family and friends that had broken or become strained. Susan is successfully using her new coping skills and has found gainful employment that brings her great satisfaction. She is full of gratitude for the community at Shield Bearer and members like you who participated in her healing by supporting the important work Shield Bearer does in the community.

Your gift helps trauma survivors, brave veterans, and many others find hope and healing regardless of their financial situations. Thank you for caring, and thank you for giving! Your gift makes a big and long-lasting impact in our community.